Our Inspiration
is Life.

Nothing is more perfect
and ingenious.

Flight Couture®

Made in Switzerland

Life is defined by how time is used. Your space must enable you to achieve your highest ambitions, essentially becoming a positive extension of your being. Our solutions for interior aircraft design are driven by these simple notions. By using cutting edge engineering, advanced ergonomics and socio-cultural parameters, we create your interior space that not only represents you, but becomes your haven suspended in time between heaven and earth.

Excellence and innovation, combined with traditional Swiss attention to detail, is what distinguishes YASAVA. Our solutions shift the paradigm, creating the extra-ordinary, reflecting the uniqueness of each client’s DNA. We value and respect your needs and the requirement that while the aircraft is your ultimate time machine, you should be suspended in timeless wellbeing while in flight, enabling you to be the ultimate realization of yourself. You deserve to fly just the way you are.

An aircraft does not simply accommodate you: YOU WEAR IT.
We create your flight experience around you.
Welcome to Flight Couture®.



The ancient wisdom of wellbeing

Design solutions originate from within, by seeking a balance between the individual and the space. The space so defined, creates harmony, supporting the authenticity of the individual and results in lightness of the mind, soul and body. Our objective is to realize these principles, by creating the ultimate space for you to achieve the most luxurious and timeless flight experience in your aircraft.

The YASAVA Creative Center above the lake of Geneva allows us to live and breath according to ancient wisdom




Christopher Mbanefo, YASAVA’s CEO, says: “As 21st century humans, we cannot continue flying using outdated design principles. The dynamics of culture and society must be reflected in our design solutions, resulting in a quantum step forward in life quality, while simultaneously respecting the planetary needs for balance. Only those with this awareness, combined with adequate sensitivity, are able to offer game-changing solutions.

Thus, our daily efforts and commitment in this regard has resulted in the ASTRAL® Design Series, which is the most innovative corporate aircraft interior design program to date. It truly reflects our belief that human quality of life should always come first.


YASAVA’s signature ASTRAL® Design Series is the epitome of functional efficiency, luxury and aesthetics.

Each solution is a unique reflection of the user and/or owner

It is adaptable to the top-of-the-range corporate jets, optimized for ultra-long range travel. No longer is there a limitation of choice, based on what an aircraft manufacturer offers. Once you’ve decided on your specific ASTRAL® Design, we will realize your vision in the aircraft of your choice. Choose between a Gulfstream G600/700 series, a Dassault Falcon 7/8X, or a Bombardier Global 5000/6000/7000 series and leave the rest to us. Larger aircraft such as Boeing BBJs and Airbus ACJs can also be fitted with a large range of ASTRAL® Design features. Simply put, it all depends on what you want!