It’s not a seat, it’s not a chair. It’s a Wave.

Setting a new standard of what could be called an anti-gravitational human support structure, the AÏANA® WAVE opens up a new class to meet the needs and requirements for long endurance flights.
Designed with engineering principals of the human body and research from aero-medical sciences and sleep psychology, the AÏANA® WAVE is ingeniously controlled by gravity through patent-pending Smart Mechanics.


Superior Comfort

and Health than
a lie-flat seat

Body comfort is determined by the proximity of the center of body mass to the spinal chord. Hence, a good body support system must allow for changes in body positions. These in essence are the drawbacks of a conventional lie-flat seat design that the AÏANA® WAVE corrects. It also features a mattress design of superior thickness, optimized for the body mass pressure map.

Multiple body positions furthermore allow for better circulation, improved breathing and a reduction of the dangers of DVT (deep vein thrombosis).